Monday, 19 March 2018

Seville Moroccan Silver Plated Brass Pendant

Perfect over a dining table or kitchen island, this brass etched globe with a paisley design from India is bold with a touch of ethnic charm.  The handiwork on this globe looks stunningly beautiful even when unlit.  When lit, the shadows cast by the etching patterns are breathtaking.
Material: High quality treated brass; silver finish
Small: 12" diameter; 16" tall
Medium: 16" diameter; 20" tall
Large: 20" diameter; 24" tall
Included: 2.5 feet chain and wire; 5" diameter canopy with hardware included for super-easy installation; simple length adjustment mechanism
Bulbs: Not included; Medium Base (E26) (standard); 60 watt max; LED or incandescent.  Need bright light? Simply attach a 2 or 3 bulb adapter to the bulb holder and add 2 or 3 60 watt bulbs. If you send us an email after your purchase requesting a 2 bulb adapter, we will include one at no charge.   
Have track lighting? Our pendants can easily be attached to a track with a pendant adapter made by most track lighting brands.
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