Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Optic Pendant Wedding Lights

Texturally gorgeous, this modern pendant light is made of strips of cloth overlaid and hand stitched. Tear resistant, fire resistant and water and moisture proof.
Color: Off white. Use with a warm bulb (2200 K and below) for a warm, yellowish glow.
Size: 11" diameter x 10" height.
Bulb: We recommend using the Optic with a 11 watt LED bulb. Max wattage: 60 watts.
1. Hardwire into ceiling: 10 ft. UL listed grey fabric covered cord with 5" canopy; or
2. Swag (plug into wall outlet): 15 ft. UL listed grey fabric covered 15 ft cord with plug and switch and 2 hooks to hang from ceiling.

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