Thursday, 3 May 2018

USA Patriotic Dog Collar - Apple Berry

Our beautiful, artfully unique designs of very high quality are all handmade in the United States.  Our collars and leashes are absolutely extraordinary and are limited production.  Carefully hand-crafted, this Appleberry Attic Patriotic collar by Waggleberry is made of a durable, soft, high-quality, cotton fabric that has been designed by internationally-known artists and reinforced with multiple layers of a commercial interfacing for stability.  Our collars are triple-stitched and reinforced at every stress point to ensure strength for your pet’s safety.  While other hardware may look similar, we only use the finest hardware and raw materials available, contributing to comfort, support, structure, high quality, strength and durability.  We understand the importance and need for reliability, and safety, so our collars are uniquely designed and engineered to offer your pet’s neck a light-weight collar while providing high strength and comfort.
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