Friday, 30 November 2012

it's never good when the man says that you're controlling him too much, it's so tricky to know when the persuasion stops and the controlling starts...
we're going to meet my brother and his family tomorrow and although I'm not very nervous I think Pete is slightly nervvy. I'm sure it all will be fine and we'll have a nice evening, watch some movies, have a go at their new dance game console, I look forward to that.
With so many things to sort out today I can say that I've went through most of the unpleasant ones, call to BT to cancel my broadband package (of course there will be fee of over £99 for early cancellation), and to cancel my email package. I hate calling those companies, they're all nice and helpful as long as you're spending money - but when you need to cancel, they all make big fuss about it!
Surprisingly I've bumped into my friend yesterday, he happens to live in the same village, and just around the corner from me, amazing :) That's so true it's a small world.
My Christmas ambitions continue with making the heart bunting, maybe it's not as impressive as the photo, which I found on Google, but never the less it's enjoyable to make and gives some sense to my passing days :)

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