Thursday, 22 November 2012

So here I am writing the first post on my first personal Blog, thank you for stopping by! Trying to be patient with my keyboard which can be very unresponsive lately. 
So Neverending Pursuit of Neverland is basically bearing my soul (although these are the intentions, don't know if I will be brave enough in the end), talking about my views on life I chose, finding out if it actually makes me happy and also having a hobby :) 
Most of my life has been one big Neverending Pursuit of 'perfect' - perfectly cleaned cupboards, polished shoes, perfect atmosphere at work, perfect living arrangements. Never have i been good at fitting into the expected mould, my freedom and independence have been the most important things in my life. Impatient, brutally honest and not very gentle when it comes to inter-personal situations - that would be me in a pill.
Well, my honesty might be not considered as a flaw by some people, yet I'm trying to hold more in these days - "count to 10 before you speak in anger" - that's what my parents always said. I try to practice it more now, and it really makes miracolous changes - I'm honestly surprised!
Pursuit of Perfect is also responsible for my love life so far - I was always finding flaws in any boyfriend / date, which were always impossible to stand. I have realised only lately there's no Perfect Man, as nobody's perfect. It's better to set for 'Man Good Enough Right Now' and find happiness with him. Surprisingly it can work, as long you work on it (both). 

Thanks for reading and come back soon :)

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