Thursday, 9 May 2013

Beeswax - my new best discovery for finishing upcycled furniture

I'm still new to upcycling furniture, and learn new tips and tricks, and spent quite a long time researching online for some clear top coat. After consideration, decided to go for natural Beeswax Furniture Polish - and absolutely felt in love. It smells of strong shoe polish (I suppose they both have similar ingredients) and leaves really sophisticated mat finish on my painted chairs. After finding most incredible colour for my upcycled chairs, I didn't want to change the final shade - as I did earlier with my chest of drawers by applying Wood Gloss. Although it was advertised as 'Clear' Wood Gloss Finish, it gave slight darker tint to painted surface. I didn't really like the final shade, so I was very particular when looking for completely clear top coat, which also gives protection to painted furniture. And now I'm really happy with this Beeswax Polish - seriously recommend it if you're looking for quality clear finish.

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