Wednesday, 29 May 2013

'Wild Wild West' Side Table - almost there :)

In the last few days I have been frantically working on the new business, from finishing the furniture to more logistic side of things, like researching the ideas and the market. I would really want this to work, just need to apply some more passion and heart to it - and I know it can work.
Anyway I spent the last night working on the stencil on this 'Wild Wild West' Console Table. 'Apprentice' was on and I have managed to watch it while painting the table. It was tricky, but I really enjoyed bit of challenging craftsmanship. I have printed out the image I wanted from the web - I had to print it on two sheets of A4 paper, so left side was on one sheet of paper, and the right side on the other. Then I've cut out the shape and traced it on top of the side table. Filled it carefully in with Pete's black glossy paint and here's the effect!
All I need to do now is to stitch together little pieces of leather to cover the shelf underneath and this end table will be complete :)


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