Sunday, 12 May 2013

These Shabby Chic Mulberry Chairs are now on Ebay :)

Staple gun and staples finally arrived yesterday, oh how I waited! I got to work right away, buffed the chairs to give them nice shine and finally reached for the most incredible Mulberry Queen Stamp fabric. I have ordered it right after I've got the chairs, which is about 2 - 3 weeks ago (?). Anyway it was such a pleasure to finally work with it, but as it was my first upholstery project, it was bit bumpy ride at first. After I finished I've realized I have folded too much of the fabric underneath the seat edge - instead of cutting the excess off - which lifted the seat slightly and couldn't hook the hinges in properly afterwards. In we go with taking every staple one by one, outlining the seat around onto the fabric and cutting it to shape. After the second try it went so much better and the finishing product is presented here :) I'm most pleased, managed o upload it on ebay already, although only with the basic photo, so today after work I'll need to take better photos in daylight to give them justice - they deserve :)

Buy these shabby chic chairs here!


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