Sunday, 16 August 2015

Can you smell a memory?

Smells carry enormous amount of emotional information. We associate them with certain events in our lives, and some particular smells can bring so many clear and strong memories. It is incredible how our brain works.
I remember the first day when I moved to Plymouth, and on the first evening I went on the Hoe, where the grass was being cut earlier that day. The Sun was shining, the Drake Island was on the horizon with plentiful of boats around and the strong smell of freshly cut grass was in the air. It was such positive sensation, which gave me a feeling that moving here was great decision and only amazing things will happen from now on. Plenty of amazing things happened in Plymouth, and the freshly cut grass still brings this positive energy and memory of the first evening in Plymouth.

When a small shower comes on a sunny Summer day, sometimes you can smell a butter in the air. It's the rain water mixing with the hot tarmac that creates this unusual fragrance. Whenever I smell it, my memories take me to the P.E. lesson in my primary school, I must have been about 7 or 8 years old. We were jogging in the local playground, and it was a very hot day. Suddenly few clouds appeared and there was a small shower. This buttery smell hit my nostrils and I remember thinking how strange it is that you can smell butter here in the park. But I remember it vividly.

Sometimes a smell of ginger cake can take you to the Christmas at your Grandma, when you were a child. It can transport you to this moment, and you can see it all again so clearly, it is absolutely fascinating.
Have you got some unusual smells that you love and that carry some vivid memories?

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