Saturday, 22 August 2015

House Sitting Job in South of France?

I have received an email this morning from a lady in South of France, regarding a house sitting job. She has got three dogs and one cat. She recently had a nasty accident, leaving her slightly immobilised. She's still at home, and expected to remain in the constant therapy for another 6 months. But she has to travel for regular checks to the hospital. Now she needs someone to walk the dogs regularly (since she cannot do it herself) and look after the house, keep it in good condition, probably maintain the garden, water the plants, answer the door etc.
She sounded very keen, and the assignment would take three months, from mid September till 15 December. That would be such a perfect solution, as that way I could go to Brazil afterwards straight away. My main target is to arrive in Brazil before the end of December, to celebrate NYE in Copacabana - and celebrate the brand New Year of travelling in style :)
Let's hope it will work out, the location sounds idyllic, tucked away in the middle of nowhere, in French countryside. I can see myself wandering around vineyards, going on long sunny car rides and stopping for occasional coffee, or a glass of wine, bliss...

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