Thursday, 20 August 2015

Time Is Money - How To Deal with a Mad Workload

My laptop is finally running faster, yes! After days of struggling to reset it myself, I called today for a help of professional. It cost me £25, ok, but I figured out - time is money, and the time I am spending trying to work out this thing, could be spent on my online projects, taking photos of new stock etc. So, I have done rare thing for me and I outsourced. Normally, I like to think of myself as a self taught and self-sufficient, but this time I thought I will speed my work load and increase a productivity tenfold if I leave it to a professional.

And it was such a great move, the guy turned up within an hour, cleaned the laptop within 10 minutes, and then re-installed my Windows 8. I will leave it as it is, don't want to install 8.1 as I had some issues resetting it myself after it was installed. Although I prefer the simplified 'Power-off' access in 8.1 I'll make a conscious compromise.
Ok, so here I am whizzing off on my shiny new operating system, and the laptop that makes no noises whatsoever. What a pleasure!

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