Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Preparing for a Big Journey...

So I have been away - not blogging here on this site, although I have been running a regular blog relating to the furniture business on a separate site. But diversity is key, variety is a spice of life and all that... I cannot stand in one spot, and I need a change to breathe. This blog continues - so apologies for readers who started reading from the first post, as my attention flicks to different subjects. Yes, I have been pregnant, when I lived with my partner. Unfortunately we lost a baby, and in the end we split up - It was not meant to be, so they say. I'm currently in the place in my life where I apply a major change. Leaving England by the end of November, and my efforts focus around that. I will be traveling around South America and Caribbean for a year or two, wanting to utilize a beautiful opportunity of house-sitting. It can be a wonderful way of life, and is for many people, perfect for wandering souls like mine. So this blog will be focused on my preparations to the big leave, and then act as a diary to the journey - I hope you stick with me, and look forward to hearing from you!

Maggie x

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