Thursday, 13 August 2015

IT Jungle Treck

I've been fighting all day with resetting my Windows 8 (or is it 8.1 in the end?). What a pain... I cannot honestly understand how you can consciously apply for an IT job, it's a pure nightmare! I still haven't sorted it out. The thing is, my brother is an IT genius, and he loves nothing more than a computer enigma waiting to be solved, me not so much. But he pre-programmed the laptop I'm using, and it apparently came with original Windows 8, but then it was upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro. I do have the original product key to W8, but not to the other one. So when resetting Windows in the current state, the system goes bonkers and shows the error message all the time. 
I have dealt with this issue once before, when I cleaned my whole system last year. All I needed to do was to uninstall Windows 8.1 and install Windows 8, and all went smoothly, now for some reason I cannot do it.
I have spent about 3 hours this morning researching these problems on forums and YouTube, yet still cannot find the right solution for me... I might leave it is it is for now, and try again tomorrow.

On a better note, I have started learning Spanish from the phrase book I bought yesterday. I start to recognise the pronunciation system, 'll' is 'y', 'c' is 's' and 'qui' is 'ki' :) Some of the words are quite similar to Polish words, like bileto 'ticket' is Polish bilet. I am fascinated learning new words, and cannot wait to use them in practice. Listening to the rolling 'rrrr's of the Spanish people - or more so Ladinos - and hear their passion, I'm wondering how their temperaments differ from Polish or English? Look forward to making some discoveries :)

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