Sunday, 30 August 2015

Do you feel lucky?

We often underestimate the significance of luck. It's good to be lucky, things come easier to you. Like a new cashier point is opening in a busy supermarket when you're queueing, or you have just managed to squeeze before a tractor on the roundabout, so you're not stuck behind him. These little things can ease your journey through a day, and maybe through your life. Sometimes we don't even notice these little things, until we get few unlucky happenings. Like a screaming toddler sitting right behind you on the 3 hour flight.

From time to time, when luck is on our side, it has got even more grandeur effect on your life. It can actually save you from the car accident, robbery or even death. You can be saved by a stranger, by the traffic jam or a computer glitch. The survivors of 9/11 attack mostly have been saved by some unusual events that disturbed their daily routine and prevented them from being in the office at 9am that fatal day.

One such story is told by Elise O'Kane:
United Airlines flight attendant Elise O'Kane had wanted to work her usual trip from Boston to Los Angeles that month.
But in August, when scheduling her flights for September on the airline's computer system, she accidentally inverted two code numbers and wound up with the wrong schedule.
She managed to trade flights with other attendants for all her trips -- except for Flight 175 on 9/11.
So the night before, she logged into the computer system again and tried to request that flight. The system froze. By the time it finally processed her request, it was one minute past the airline's deadline for such changes.
Her request for Flight 175 was denied. She would have to fly to Denver instead of Los Angeles.
She missed the flight that eventually crashed into World Trade Center that day. She survived...
Full story is available on CNN website.

How often we are being held up in the traffic, are sat in the delayed train and curse our bad luck? Maybe we should be grateful that this situation is saving us from a disaster or an accident. Next time your daily routine is distracted or you can't finish your online purchase, sit back, relax and let it go. It's the mighty force directing you to the safe place. Just take this situation as it is and be grateful for the intrusion. It could be your lucky day!

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