Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Can't Fight (Online) Fate...

Online work seems to be etched in my life line. It is an inevitable part of my being, no matter how much I try to drift in other direction, it always seems to find me. My affair with working online started in 2007, when I set up my first business, Little Black Cherry. It was (and still is, up and running, yet under different management) a Scene Emo clothing shop - who remembers that trend? Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy, Hayley Williams... These were the days. I have discovered a fascinating phenomenon called 'teenagers' and loved researching this market, what trends they loved, which idols they followed, and all about their culture. I really enjoyed doing that job, photoshoots, fashion shows, it was fun fun fun.

But after 5 years, I struggled to motivate myself to keep doing the same thing, I lost this passion I had in the beginning, my research was less thorough, my blog posts were more lame, and you could definitely see it in the shop, with the product descriptions, layout etc. I needed a change, I think I have a bit of Short Attention Span, this thing you see in some of the children. I love the change, I crave a challenge. So after meeting my partner, I moved to Cornwall, and was happy to get a break from the livelihood online.

But this crept back into my life, somehow, someday, like unwanted STI. Yes, it was back, I found myself writing Facebook posts again, sharing blog content all over the place, basically trying to leave a trace wherever it was permitted. This time, my online business was focused on selling furniture online, and I'm still doing it today. It's not bad way of making money, and with the minimum wage being rather steady, and commodities and cost of living going constantly up, it does make sense to take charge of your earnings.

Now, planning a move to South America, another subject seemed to find me, online blogging. I caught myself watching YouTube videos on how to make your blog successful, how to start earning money from your blog, and it feels like I'm heading this direction. I don't mind, I love writing, I think I've got a bearable readable style, and so far I know a thing or two on sharing content, getting traffic and researching the market. So that's my new career goal, to become a professional blogger and be writing for a living. It won't happen overnight, and it probably will take few good years, but I don't mind doing it, even if I will have to find a full time job in the meantime - boohoo :/

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