Friday, 28 August 2015

Visualisation - the power is in your mind!

When you describe your flat layout to a friend and you see it with your mind's eyes, you are visualising. Anyone can do it. It's our imagination, and it often is linked to our emotions, as well .Do you remember when you smiled to yourself when you thought about the joke you heard last week? It's an emotional side of visualisation.
This powerful tool can also help you achieve what you want in life. So how does it work? You simply need to imagine yourself in a situation you want to be in - as a millionaire, having healthy, happy family and a loving partner, travelling the world, working as a head chef in a top restaurant... Do it everyday, simply relax, sit down, or lie down on the bed, close your eyes and spend this time visualising.

I devote 10 minutes everyday for that. I put on relaxing music from YouTube, close my eyes and focus on the situation I want to be in in few years time. I see myself sat on the beach, on a sun lounger, under the parasol, with my loving partner next to me. My wallet is filled with banknotes. I have a full manicure, deep sun tan, coconut cocktail in my hand, and a Caribbean music plays in the background. I try to stick to one situation, the same settings, that way it's more powerful. And it's important to imagine even smallest details in the settings - the colour outfit you are wearing, taste of the drink, sounds you are hearing, how does the surface of the table feel etc. This makes your visualisation more powerful.

Now, how does visualisation can get you what you want? Our mind is a really surprising and mighty force. By visualising you let know your mind, that you already are in that situation. You can see, feel and smell all that's around you. Your mind will think that you already have it, and now it's the best part - it will lead you towards that goal, towards that situation. You will suddenly discover that you are planning a weekend on the beach, where there's a cocktail hut (with coconut cocktails). You will find yourself in the shop looking at identical outfit you've been wearing in your mind's eyes. Or your friends will invite you to the pub, where there's Caribbean band playing that night. You will discover how powerful the visualisation can be, and it will bring you what you want in most bizarre ways!

I remember there was the time when I was visualising myself sitting by the BBQ with friends, having berry ciders and enjoying the view by my dream home. Within few weeks time one of my friends' was going through the phase of having BBQ dinners everyday in his garden, and my other friend ended up stocking on loads of berry ciders, as he came across some offer in the local shop. It's surprising, bizarre, how visualisation brought me what I wanted, although only some bits were delivered to my life, not the whole picture! Then I realised it's better to dream bigger dreams then too small. If you end up dreaming like me in the beginning about BBQ and drinks, that's what will be delivered, BBQ and drinks, and nothing else - hardly a big dream, right? So I make sure now to dream bigger, see myself on a tropical island, somewhere warm and exotic.
So good luck with your visualisation, and let me know how it went!

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