Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The trivial pursuits

Very trivial happenings. If you have been selling on ebay, you can understand. Ebay has been very strict and demanding on sellers, but very forgiving with the buyers. Of course, they want to attract buyers, and most of the buyers are absolutely perfect. But there's odd 1% less then  perfect and likely to exploit the forgiving rules. I won't be digging too deep, but let's say, after 10 years, as a seller you have to bend over backwards just to get by. Being on this platform reminds me of a little quote I found in absolutely amazing book 'Brasil' years ago: "We willingly enslave ourselves for crumbs. For mere shadows of crumbs..."

So true, that's what the 'normal World' demands of us. Just work hard to pay the bills, and don't stick above the rest. Just inspire to be a little cog in the big wheel. Get stuck in the traffic on Bank Holidays and Christmas. Over spend when you're told to. Take a burden of a mortgage and kids. Don't ask too many questions. It sure reminds me of 'Matrix' - the reality we live in. Just paddling on the surface of life, trying not to dive too deep. You risk breaking the mould, the cookie cutter form, by following your dreams. And you have to try really hard to break the mould, and say no to the trivial life. No other peoples' expectations, no to being team player, sacrificing yourself for the greater good. It is difficult, but it's worth it. And there's many people out there questioning life, and the given rules. Some of them have the courage to create their own reality and become nomads, live on the tropical island teaching local kids, or become monks. What is your dream, what's your calling? Share it with me!

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