Friday, 21 August 2015

First Pet Sitter Job!

Today I had my first interview for the house and pet sitter job. It's in the place not far away from me, about 15min drive, so absolutely perfect. It's lovely cottage tucked away in the countryside, with private 1.5 acre of land and gorgeous garden with the pond. Lovely couple with 4 Labradors, which are all related. Mother, two daughters, and one baby. Sweet kind Labradors. The guy has got very interesting job, as he is a professional yachtsman - so he's often away and travels for a living - a dream job! The lady works from home, advising people on packaging solutions for the grocery products that are being brought to the market - rather complex and interesting job. The house is fantastic, they do have two self-catering cottages on the back, that were made from converted barn, and now they rent them out.

So they need someone on various dates, to come and stay with the dogs while the lady needs to go away for the day, and the guy would be sailing. That would be staying there just for the day, and come home in the evening, or stay overnight, maybe over the weekend, if they wanted to take some short break, weekend away.

That works for me, the garden looked so fantastic, I can see myself having a morning coffee admiring the views, or enjoying the glass of wine in the evening - I will actually start having drinks just because it's called for!
Now, the best thing is, they want to pay me for that! Yes, absolutely! They will pay me for sitting in their place and walking the dogs. Absolutely amazing, and I'm so grateful, as there's so many house sitters applying for the jobs, so the owners have got rich pickings from all that are happy to do it for free. It's a bonus, and not bad for a first assignment!
Now, the plan is to meet them next week and come with them for the walk with their Labradors. It will be also a chance to see if the dogs will react to me calling them, as I'm the new person in their life, not their owner, so they might not feel the authority. But hopefully we'll work something out, that will be all my dearest, have a good life!

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