Friday, 14 August 2015

Got 2 Be - Beach Waves!

Since I have cut my hair two months ago, I do love trying new texturizing products. There's so many on the market, and by that I mean Superdrug in Liskeard. It's hard to choose from what they've got on offer, and I suppose the selection would be even harder in bigger shop. But, I prefer the products that give a tousled, messy textured effect. I discovered that texturizing sprays work better then gels, moulds or waxes. I think these work on shorter messy styles on men, they don't seem to work on longer hair.
I wanted to try the Texturizing Salt Spray for a while, as I'm devoted to Got 2 Be by Schwarzkopf, I absolutely adore their products. I like the shape of the bottles, the eclipse line is so elegant in my opinion.

This spray - 'Beach Matt Mermaid Look' gives effect of beachy waves - texturize, body and tousle.
The instructions on the bottle say to spray it evenly on dry or dry-towel hair and scrunch or tousle-style as desired. I have used it as soon as I came home, on dry hair, with some products already in. I have flip my hair down and sprayed all layers evenly, from bottom to top layers, messing and scrunching the hair. I don't like to over-do it, but allowed the hair to take the product in. Then I have sprayed plenty of extra hold hairspray over all layers, and the look was really impressive, the wavy messy look I absolutely love, and it doesn't go flat or lose volume - well done Got 2 Be :)

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