Monday, 24 August 2015

How to set goals?

Yes, that is a big question. How to set goals? Well, I have many theories, on paper. You know the tennis players, ballerinas, singers? They have a strict regime they follow, the commitment they abide to achieve what they want. But do they have these little pangs from time to time, when they just want to have a sofa day, and over-indulge on the jam doughnuts? What do they do? Do they just slap themselves in the face, and say, get a grip? Isn't it too big of a commitment? Change your life and devote it completely to one thing? But these people, the ones who make sacrifices, take a slap, are finally rewarded by being the greatest. By reaching over other athletes, who didn't make the commitment, and maybe did indulge on a doughnut. I admire these people. Their strong will, the sacrifice they make.

Now, by contrast, there's lil o'me. I have to admit, I never managed to commit to one goal, as my goals change at least twice a week, or at least they are being modified. Some of them survive the cocoon phase of three months, although these are rare and involve me turning everything around - and abandoning anything that involved my previous goals, courses I was taking, books I was reading and any given research. There was too many projects I started but never finished.

But travelling was one recurring commitment that never went away. Always present in my life, and too deeply rooted to neglect. It's my calling, my nature, and I cannot change it. And I'm proud of it, it's true what they say - 'Your longing is your calling'. I believe everything has got the reason, and I need to find my own reasons.

From now on, however, my readers, I make a promise to you and to myself. I have you as a witness, so I better stick to that promise. I will finish all that I started. The blog, the travels, the projects. I will commit to my goals. I will make sacrifices, and plans. And I won't quit at a drop of a hat. I need to make deeper ridges in my life, dig deeper to reach my goals. And stay positive! That will happen from now on.

But for now, Good Night :)

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