Saturday, 29 August 2015

Something resembling a plan...

It was fantastic day for a car boot sale. Bit cloudy in the morning, but by noon, when the car boot started, it suddenly cleared out and the Sun appeared. I had a massive clear out, so apart from my regular home decor which I sell online, I took some of my private stuff, from clothing, DVDs, CDs, tools etc. I was so happy to be busy, sold very well, and pocketed £90 - that's a result :) That goes straight to my bank account on monday. Adding to my savings towards a big trip.

I've spent whole day yesterday researching, and I begin to have something resembling a plan. As I won't be having loads of money when going to South America, and a slim chance of getting a job there, I will need to allocate myself in a dirt-cheap place (like Ecuador or Peru) for 6 months. Then find some decent flat (maybe 2-bedroom) in central location, with plenty of tourists. Also it has to have a Wi-Fi. I found plenty of inspiration here: Cheap places in South America.
Now the plan is to spend this time growing online business until some decent money starts coming in. In the meantime sublet the extra room to the tourists, earning some extra cash this way. Once I get a regular income from working online, I will be able to travel anywhere, and keep working and making money. So after 6 months have passed, I will then start travelling across South America, go to Mexico and Panama, later head towards new Zealand for 2-3 months and settle in Australia in the end. That is the plan! Finally something to go towards to, a direction. Now I have to stick to it, and do tiny steps everyday, to achieve it :)
Wish me luck!

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