Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Breakfast read

Image by Reader's Paradise

I wish I could read more. 

Books, newspapers, magazines. I wish I could just get on with it and finish with the excuses. Find the time. My friend, who is always busy, loves books and reads whenever he has a chance. Waiting in the car or visiting a family. Yes, he carries the book with him and reads when possible. I used to do that myself. I kept 2-3 books in the car and read when I was waiting for somebody, or queuing at the car boot sale. And the car boot queues take forever!

Now, I read while having breakfast every morning. I don't open a laptop or check emails, I want to dedicate this time for reading. I currently read a brilliant book "Starter for Ten" by David Nicholls. It tells a story of a new student and his male struggles. Chasing the girl he loves, although she's way out of his league. Trying to get onto 'University Challenge' team to impress her. Or having a toe-curling encounter with the girl's mum in the middle of the night.

Simply put - a cringe fest but very engaging.

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