Sunday, 20 September 2015

Set goals to resist snacking

We snack more while watching TV; Image by: Huffington Post

I love snacking, I'm talking caramel coated peanuts, chocolate wafers, biscuits and don't even allow me within 5 metres of Pringles... Once you pop you can't stop, they say, and it's true, what's with these crisps that you have to finish the whole pack once you start it? It's like you reach a point of no return when you pop the lid...
But snacking can be so damaging for a diet. It's especially dangerous when you snack unconsciously - while watching TV, in the cinema or at the boring party. In those times we often don't realise how much we eat and don't even register that we have just polished the whole tube of popcorn. You have to possess huge amounts of self control and motivation to know when to stop and don't cross over the certain line. For these moments it's really helpful to have a concrete goal, a dress size you aspire to achieve or maybe a stunning outfit in your wardrobe you'd like to fit in again. This kind of goals will give you the strength to resist the temptation and put the chocolate or biscuits away.

Keep the biscuit tin closed, in the cupboard and out of sight! Image by the sun

What helps me is a realisation of how hard I have to work to lose weight, how much I struggle when jogging and starving myself in the evenings. Then I compare it with 20 seconds of food pleasure - and decide if it's really worth it. As I can lose the 'fruit of my labour' within 20 seconds! Then the decision is super easy - it's not worth it! I better put the biscuit tin back in the cupboard, close the door and forget about them.

What's your goal? Think of something really important to you or maybe for your family? Do you want to play effortlessly with your kids or lose the post baby belly? These strong goals will keep you motivated and offer you strength and support during the next 'snacking moment'.

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