Monday, 7 September 2015

Selling Car not as easy as Pie

Yes, selling the car is not that easy. There's plenty of ways to get your car seen, but because this is not a simple purchase, buyers can be discouraged at a drop of a hat. I remember how picky I was when I was buying my car. First of all you don't know the history of the car, if it has been in an accident, are there any problems that will need to be fixed? There's always something wrong with a second hand car, and it will never be in pristine condition.

But I don't despair yet, I drive with the big cardboard sign on the dash - 'For Sale' with my phone number, and also description on the side windows. I try to park by busy roads, so many passing drivers can see me. I have read somewhere that it's good to park in the supermarkets car parks - I've done that over the weekend, picked a spot facing the main entrance and parked up (for the allowed time). Car boots are good as well, I had few people asking me about the car when I took it to the car boots over the weekend.

If I don't sell it by 20th September, I'll take it to the local car auction, I might get less then I wanted - they will probably buy it off me to re-sell - but even £200-300 profit is better then none.

On more positiver note, I went through some of my old stuff, and found original 1960s Parker Pen - worth around £45. I must have bought it with an auction lot at some point. Lucky that, I have already photographed it this morning and listed on ebay. And just finished baking Brie & Spinach Pastry Pie - mmmm, time for lunch :)

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