Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Can we train our brain to crave healthy foods?

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Yes - you can re-program your mind to crave healthy snacks instead of fast foods. It's the case of training your brain to associate healthy food with the satisfaction. When you think about it, we are not naturally born to crave fries and burgers - it comes as an effect of an ongoing habit we developed in later life. If we reach for the unhealthy snack every time we feel hunger, our brain starts to associate this snack as a remedy and a source of satisfaction. So each time you are hungry, your brain automatically craves the same unhealthy snack, as it recognises it as a way to stop hunger.
Train your brain to crave healthy food!

By changing our habits, we can tell our brain to crave healthy foods - and not be so attracted to the fattening ones. How can we do that? There's a saying "Repeated action becomes a habit after 21 days". We have to repeatedly tell our brain to associate healthy nutritious food as a remedy to hunger pangs. Every time we feel hungry, we should reach for a fruit, yogurt or a salad, instead of doughnut or crisps. If we do it continuously for 21 days, it will become a habit and our brain will start associating healthy foods with satisfying hunger - and you will start craving healthy snacks! How fantastic that would be!
Are you ready for a challenge? Start today, next time you feel a little nibbly, grab a yogurt, small bag of fruit & nut mix and a banana. Complete it with a glass of water and see how satisfying that can be. Repeat it for 21 days to notice the real difference and see how much your cravings shift towards healthier foods!

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