Monday, 28 September 2015

Staying focused

It's been a hectic day. 

Filled with gathering of the last belongings, dismantling furniture and packing for the journey. It felt longer than the other days, as it's been strangely chaotic and intense. My mind was all over the place, resolving the 'fold or roll' clothes dilemma, being melancholic about the leave and trying to stay positive (the grass is definitely greener). It was challenging to focus on the regular tasks. The ones I promised myself to focus on, no matter what. Writing two posts a day is one of them. But can you create anything sensible when your brain just wants to hibernate and rest? It's tough. That's when "no matter what" part is so important.

Fighting temptation

It was tempting to throw a towel, forget about the plan and relax. Irresistible. Especially after seeing my friends. But 'no matter what' was drilling a hole in my brain. I kept hearing motivational speakers talk about the discipline, making a sacrifice, doing what no one else is prepared to do, in order to achieve the goal. It was then, that I've decided to push myself one last time, open the laptop and start typing. My brain is still half asleep and not willing to co-operate, so this post might not be as sleek as others (whom am I kidding here). But I'm glad I pressed on and pushed myself. Well done. Now let's hope this regime continues in Poland and I carry on writing. Till next time, be lucky.

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