Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Want to feel better?

There's a formula to a good mood!

I haven't got a fridge right now. Or an oven. It's not a big deal, at least I don't have to cook every day. I have sold these two quite early in the process and put a collection date as of 15th September. My plans have changed since the sale and now I don't move until the 29th! So, having electric kettle and a microwave as the only equipment in the kitchen, ready meals seemed like a perfect solution. It will be like a Uni again - I thought. Noodle soups and rice, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, it worked for a while, at least...

Back at Uni it definitely made more sense. There was no money, no kitchen and no culinary expectations. And ready meals 'diet' didn't affect me. I had enough energy for the class work, homework and other activities. Obviously I was a 'child' back then - with heaps of 'built-in' energy resources.

It's a different story now. After only a week I started feeling low and negative. I became pessimistic and not prepared to do any kind of work. I couldn't motivate myself to write, exercise or even sort out the recycling. Everything was hopeless, and of course my complexion became grainy and bland. Yuk!

I decided that ready meals was not the way to go. What I needed were natural healthy products. Fruits and veggies. I went to Aldi to stock up on these. Tomatoes, cucumber and rocket for a healthy salad. Bananas, oranges and nectarines for a fruit cocktail. And few yogurts. Amazing... I noticed a change right away. I felt like jumping, cleaning, singing, all at the same time! My dark moods were gone, everything started making sense and I had motivation to work.

It made me realise how important a healthy diet is. For our body and our mind. It's a fuel we need and we should not underestimate it. The fruits, the vegetables, cheese, milk, grains, variety of colours and textures. We need it all to have the drive and energy to keep us going. It's a source of our good mood, happiness and a healthy mind. Maybe next time we feel low we should fill up the fridge with healthy goodies instead of reaching for the energy drink...

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