Saturday, 19 September 2015

Smart girls have their cake and eat it!

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It can be challenging sometimes to stay on a diet and be committed. There's so many temptations on every step, especially when grocery shopping. This morning I had to go to Aldi on an empty stomach - I ran out of milk for my breakfast cereal. Yes, I know, it's a big no-no and an absolute rule breaker. But luckily I managed to stick to the shopping list (almost - I got extra bag of croissants) and didn't blow the budget - woo-hoo! So it's Maggie vs Aldi 1:0
But every now and again, we have to face much bigger challenge and a mega diet pooper - and yes ladies, I'm talking about this special time of month, when you know you will have to empty the cupboards and the fridge and only a Hulk would be able to stop you.
Now, there are two options to this scenario. First one: you give in, enjoy it and try not to feel to guilty to overeat, or...
Second one: you do same as above, pack a lot on your plate (bowl, bucket, your choice!) BUT you stop as soon as you start feeling full AND put the rest of the food back in the cupboard (and out of sight)...
There are two major advantages to the second option (and for which you will thank yourself the next day). Visually you are satisfied as your brain registers you are about to have a massive number of goodies (that's when you put a lot on your plate). But your stomach won't feel the hit as much, because you didn't over eat and it doesn't have to work overtime. You will get away with the munching session, but end up completely guilt-free, as you don't put on weight and can pretend as if it never happened! Well done you, it's a fantastic way to deal with those uncontrollable moments and come out as a Winner, without feeling deprived. It's a smart girl's way to have a cake and eat it! 

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