Sunday, 27 September 2015

When all falls into place

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I am moving soon. In two days, precisely. But after months of selling all that was possible (a car, bed, appliances etc.), there was still plenty left. Shelving units, various chairs, TV stand, pictures. My plant. Beloved deckchair. Things that don't have a trade value, but hold a personal value to me. I didn't want to leave them behind - especially the plant. I feared they end up on the skip - a horryfying idea. I resolved to sell them in bulk - a household clearance lot. I drafted an ad, put it online and waited. Nothing. Until this weekend.

There was a sudden shift. 

Plenty of items left through the door. Bamboo sofa - lord and behold, it broke the record - 2 years of no interest. It ultimately sold and I gratefully waved it good bye. Result! My bed is gone and so is the washing machine.

To top it up, I found the buyer for my household lot. 

A lady replied to my ad on She found a lot and was keen to pick it up straight away. She and her partner bought a house and needed practically everything. Shelves, chairs, stands, vases. Household goods. All that I had for sale. Incredible! They took all they could today and will come back for the rest tomorrow. That means I can now leave on Tuesday without uncertainty about my stuff. I'm relieved. The couple is delighted too.

And as I type it sitting on a wicker chair, in almost empty house, I feel I have accomplished my goals. I gave my all to sell what's possible and raise funds. I worked tirelessly and followed a game plan. I pushed, lifted and rushed around. And I got results. So that's how it feels like. An achievement. I shall remember it and practice regularly. It will do me good. Until tomorrow, be good, my lovelies.

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