Thursday, 24 September 2015

Secret of good time management

What's the secret of good time management?

What is the secret of a good time management? I sure would love to know that. Do you remember "About a Boy"? Hugh Grant played this privileged rich man with a sleek London apartment, living off royalties from his Dad's Christmas Jingle. But even without a job his days were packed with other activities - listening to the music, having his hair done, contemplating the existence. At some point he wondered - "I'm so busy without a job, have absolutely no idea how do people actually find the time to work?". But some people actually do. Most of them do. They have full time jobs and still find the time to cook a dinner, play with the kids, see friends, maybe even work on their business idea in the evenings. What's their secret? Where do they find these extra hours you seem to be short of by the end of the day?

It's a good time management. Not getting distracted. I was listening to the podcast few weeks ago about the new phone app. You used this new app to help you stay focused on a task. Basically you had to sit down and finish the given task without doing anything else. No tea, no toilet break, no checking your Twitter account. And incredibly, what normally would take an hour to finish, it only took 10 minutes without all the distractions! What a difference!

That's why so many writers and artists prefer to work online. They switch the Wi-Fi off. They're not tempted to check their email or Facebook. They just focus on the task. Until it's done. It's such a fantastic and simple method. We can try it for ourselves. We can prepare the list of tasks we want to finish that day, and go through each of them separately. Finish one at a time without any distractions. Don't even step away from the laptop (notepad, iPad) until you complete it. Then go the next task. Check your email, Twitter or Facebook in the breaks between the tasks. Have your cup of tea then. You'll be surprised how much you can fit in one day. You'll even find a time for a gym in the evening! It's a God send for any person working from home.

And remember - we all have 24h in a day, you, Beyonce and even Barrack Obama. It's all in the preparation and the time management.

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