Friday, 25 September 2015

Art of repelling

Moving is stressful. Some describe it as one of the most difficult events in life. And I can relate to it. I have been sorting out my belongings for the last few weeks. A sum of 11 years. What a joke. Picking only few items I can pack in the box and ship by a courier. My achievements can fit in the box. Not too heavy, as it needs to be carried by somebody. 
It was hard going through these items. Many memories started coming back, most of them painful. Things I have said that should never been said. People I have mistreated. Opportunities I have missed. A cruel memory lane.
How did it all come to that? How did I end up here - not attached, not needed, not sought after? How come I don't have an over-sized land rover with baby seats in the back and a ridiculous mortgage? How come the ties I break by moving away are practically non-existant? What is in me so repelling? I'd like to know...

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