Friday, 25 September 2015

Who is your inspiration?

Will Smith achieved a huge success due to his legendary work ethic

I'm taking baby steps now. Haven't got the energy anymore to rush around since I've switched to the fine world of the ready meals. I couldn't even complete my regular jogging route on Wednesday, I felt bleak and slacky. It's definitely a poor diet. But I still want to carry on, don't want to cheat - I would only be cheating myself, right? So I went jogging again today, but decided to take a shorter route instead and do a smaller circle. At least I've made an effort, and I'm really happy about it.

When I returned I've washed my jogging gear, to have it ready and clean to send on Monday. I thought I'd do it tomorrow, but it might not have dried in time. If I packed it still damp, it would surely mould in the transit (it's 5 solid days at least). But then I would have to skip jogging this Sunday - surely I can't send a sweaty gear in the parcel - it would stench the whole box... Yuk, I cannot do that. I will have do an exception and skip jogging this time. It will be very hard but I'm willing to make this sacrifice...

I begin to feel like having a bit of time-off right now. Like a small holiday. But on the other hand, I'd feel too guilty. I would be thinking about all the inspirational videos I've been watching lately about the successful people and what kind of sacrifices they've made to get where they are. About their work ethic and how they schedule their days. It all differs so slightly from my schedule. I understand that I won't develop my career as a brilliant copywriter by watching another episode of Celebrity Apprentice USA. So I do feel guilty even when I watch it while having lunch. "No, Maggie" - I can hear Will Smith in my head - "I work while I eat, I work while I sleep - all the time. That's how I achieved so much. You should do the same!". Yes, I can hear him in my head. He is evidently very successful singer and actor, but he's achieved it all by having a "sickening work ethic", as he describes it. You can find his motivational videos on YouTube.

I feel like my work ethic is still not sickening enough, so I push myself. All the time, even if I don't feel like it. Just a baby step, one at a time. It can be hard sometimes, but I know that taking a small step in the right direction is better then not doing anything at all. I think these are the times when having a strong goal is so essential, that's how you find the strength to kick yourself in a butt and carry on... So thanks Will Smith for the inspiration!

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