Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday planking...

Car boot sales are fun. Especially if you have plenty of small items to get rid of, or have a house clearance. Especially now in the Summer they're booming. And they still will be going until October, as long there's a good weather. It can't be raining for too long, because most of car boot sales are outdoor, on the fields. Today's car boot was fantastic, topped up my sales this week, and it means that the holiday budget is rising. Hip hip and all that.
There was supposed to be someone coming to view the bed this afternoon, and they just texted and cancelled. And I actually cleaned the house this morning, hoovered, especially under the bed, and changed the bedding. Never mind at least it's done, and I would do it anyway over the weekend. So silver linings and all that.
Now, please excuse, I'm going to practise planking in the fresh bedding until tomorrow. Ta!

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