Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Vaccination project continues...

As you know, I'm in the process of sorting out my vaccines before travelling (ouch, my arm still hurts from yesterday!), and Hepatitis B and Rabies are on my mind right now, should I, should I not? They will seriously affect my budget, and they are not required (only recommended) for South America. They cover extreme cases, like infection from bodily fluids or being bitten by an animal, but these things can happen anywhere, and when you think about it, they don't happen that often, unless you've got a medical or veterinary job. So I'm on the verge of not taking them, just getting good health insurance, which would work out cheaper then both of these vaccines. It could be a better solution.

On more optimistic hand, I have finally cut my hair today, managed to track down my favourite hair stylist, who went mobile, and found her place. First hairstylist, after 11 years of looking, who is actually listening to what you want. Found her only now, when I'm about to leave the country, boo.. Never mind. My next haircut will be done in South America - and I bet this will be an experience - I better focus on learning Spanish phrases for 'short choppy bob', it could be more useful then knowing days of the week :) Miercoles!

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